Sex and the City Inspired Looks

Sex and the City Inspired Looks

Posted by Mikala Everett on 9th Mar 2018

Carrie Bradshaw is not known just for impeccable quotes like, “I like my money where I can see it – hanging in my closet.” She is also a fashion icon-- and so are her friends. Every friend group has its Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha. No matter who you are in your gang, Lure by Y & F has looks inspired by each character below.


We all know Carrie’s style isn’t for the shy. Our pink Elan top paired with these reptile, open-leg, pants are for the daring and fashionable. You can dress it up with heels for a fun boat party with your Mr.Big or keep it casual in cute sandals and a wide brim sun hat.


Some would describe Miranda as high-strung while she would just say she’s focused. Miranda was no stranger to a cinched waist and a neutral tone. If that’s your beat as well, we advise our striped, quarter-sleeve Elan paired with a tan ADA Wrap Belt and a Sondra Roberts cork clutch.


Charlotte’s style is as classic as classic gets. Forever fresh-faced and rocking pastels and high-necks, Charlotte is the quintessential country-club queen. We envision Charlotte wearing our black, embroidered Zion dress by Elliatt with a classic black pump.


All of the women are gorgeous, but none are as daring, bold and sexy as Samantha. She is sultry and seductive and we are pretty sure she could make a potato sack look appealing. Our fire-red Carmen dress by Elliatt paired with a vibrant beaded Sondra Roberts clutch is the perfect vessel for so much fiery personality.

Of course, one outfit can’t completely encapsulate a character or person but it can get pretty close. For styles your favorite women would wear, stop in Lure by Y and F on 38th and North Lamar or in the Hill Country Galleria.