Me, A  Boutique Owner!!! Yes, If I can do it so can you!!! 

Hi everyone, my name is Safina, and I am the owner of Lure by Y&F. We are a brick and mortar women clothing and accessories boutique.

We have anything from clothes that are appropriate for work to clothes that will turn heads on a night out on the town. We pay close attention to price, comfort, and quality. We try and buy clothes with many different styles in mind. I'd like to think that we are a one-stop-shop for a diverse group of women!

My backstory has absolutely nothing to do with what I am doing today, but that is what makes it even so unique. 

I went to college for Computer Information Systems. I worked as an Insurance agent for 3 years. Then opened up my own Insurance locations; from nothing. Working nighttime job to support my business - Started with 1 location in 2006 to 6 locations. Still up and running, managed by the amazing team that I call my Ai Family.

Here comes a fairytale story, I met my husband, dated for a few years then he proposed -  I then decided to focus on starting my own family. Got married in 2010. Right after we got married, we had our first child then 2nd. What more can I ask for? The Insurance business was booming and so was my family. It was a dream world. 

Well, Life has its way of surprising us to keep our faith strong and us going.

We were introduced to a gentleman who was looking for an investor and wanted us to invest in the Boutique business. Boutique?? Really?? 

I have always enjoyed shopping for others. I mean what girl doesn’t have this as a hobby!


Problem is, I didn’t know the first thing about starting a Boutique business! But I was told, all we had to do is invest. Easy right -- NOPE ... Always listen to your gut feeling.

Long story short. After 2 years we could either file bankruptcy and call it the end, start our life from down up or pull up our sleeves and get to work. Guess what, We got to work... OHH YES!!

I had to learn the business from scratch.  A lot of Ups and Down. A lot of trial and errors What can you imagine... I had no clue what I was doing. I tried reaching out to a few boutique owners but - Had no luck getting help or guidance

My vision stayed the same as it was for my Insurance "Smiling faces, Best Customer Service & Best product for customers needs". Why else would someone come into a Brick and mortar shop to shop when it can be done online. 

The first step, we built our team - now I call it my Lure by YF family just like my Insurance family - Started with Martin then Claire - Claire managed the store and I did the back end paperwork meetings & learning the business every way possible... Any chance I get, I am constantly learning and sharing my knowledge with my team

5 years later, with customer demand, we opened our 2nd Location in Austin. March 2020, we will hit our 2nd year !!!! Hip Hip Hooraayyyyyy!!!! We made it

With a vision in mind & dedication - Nothing is impossible

I would like to thank my husband and family for all the support - My Lure by Y&F Team- Thank you for standing by me, Cheryl ....  How can I ever thank you ... When I opened the 2nd location - she was a Godsend. She was the first human who took her time to give me some guidance in.... the fashion world. She then introduced me to Matt, Jennifer with AFI and the names goes on. Wow, that was another learning curve for me and my team.  Thank you 

I want all women to know that if I did it, you can too! You start by putting one foot in front of the other. Chase those goals until you are starved and then chase them even more. My goal is to empower women to be happy, beautiful, and confident through their clothes. Because of our ever faithful and continuously growing clientele, We will continue to grow this dream and feed its purpose of women empowerment and fellow women entrepreneur support. My dream is to empower women and desire to show that we can do anything we set our hearts and mind to.

When you buy at Lure by Y&F Boutique, you’re not just buying beautiful clothes; you’re supporting the dream of a  woman entrepreneur and her team & her family. Your support means everything to me and my team because I wouldn’t be here without you!